What is your next dream? -GMS FinTech services help make your dreams come true-


One driver said, "In the past, living was all about hard work everyday. I couldn't afford to think about the future."

How did this driver in Philippines change their lives with GMS FinTech services? What kind of dreams do they have after they paid off their tricycle loans?

There are many drivers who have next dreams and goals after they gained their own tricycles.

How can we help realize their dreams?

We have systems that can visualize drivers' hard work with data. GMS creates new credits by visualizing drivers' hard work with data and provides financial opportunities for education, medical care, cars, homes and more.

So that drivers can have next dreams after they paid off tricycle loans.

There are drivers who works as a Grab driver with a 4 wheel car and who wants a washing machine for his wife to reduce her housework.

Not only drivers themselves but also their family members can have their own dreams.

One driver having a boy talks about buying a big house to live together with his family, and his son hopes to become a great driver like his dad.

Another driver who has two children thinks about taking out GMS’s education loan for his all children to receive a better education. His son has a dream to study hard and to become a lawyer.

What we are doing is not only offering tricycle loan services. The core of our mission is to make people happy. So that we also offer other types of loans, such as housing and education.

Please take a look at how our drivers work hard to change their lives towards achieving happier lives.