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How has the GMS changed the lives of drivers?
There are 1.7 billion people in the world who do not have access to finance, and in the Philippines, one of the GMS's sites of operation, many tricycle drivers were unable to get a loan.

This is because they lacked credit, despite their ability to pay.
GMS is working to solve this problem.

The driver who actually got the vehicle said that getting the vehicle has been a great help in supporting his family.
We also offer school loans to drivers who have paid off their tricycle loans.

The mayor of the Philippines has been supportive of these GMS activities and has become our partner.

At the party held for the drivers who have paid off their loans, not only the drivers but also their families give speeches about how they have overcome difficulties and how their lives have changed since they were able to own a tricycle.

One driver's daughter says, "I'm proud of my father for continuing to work.
And one driver himself said, "I work for the people I love. I'm working hard so that we can move forward into the future".

GMS will continue to support drivers who work diligently and strive to make those who work hard happy.